Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Week

Catching up.....Tuesday I finished the bedroom closet cleaning project.  Feel much more organized and happy about that!  Still have a pile of clothes to try on, and decide if they will go for a ride to Goodwill or stay?  

It was very cold this week!!  Finally today was nice, above freezing!  Not warm enough to do much melting of the snow yet.

Wednesday, we took off when I got finished working at the church office, and picked up granddaughter, Maddy.  We went to the Farm Show.  We attend most years, not much for us little guys there really, but we enjoy looking around and the atmosphere of farm families.  Always see a few folks we know.  Maddy asked to come to our house, so we picked up some clothes and she spent the night.

So Thursday, we spent enjoying the company of a sweet 3 year old....met her family last evening half way and she went home even though she would have liked to spend another night!  That makes Grandma and Grandpa happy, we will sneak in another over night visit soon!

Today we were expecting company, so I went in to work at the church this morning.  As it turned out they called and plan to come tomorrow morning now instead.  This evening I made a big pot of hamburger/veggie soup.  My mouth has been hungry for this for a few days!

We have our women's breakfast in the morning at church, always look forward to that each month! Have to get up early, so better be heading to bed pretty soon.

I want to share a great blog with you, just an amazing story for any animal lover. This man lives in our county, I have not met him, but enjoy his blog.

I read somewhere about a book that sounded interesting, "The Goat Lady" so I ordered it from our local library.  It came this week.  Just a short childrens book, with great illustrations!  I so enjoyed it, I think you would too especially if you are a goat person....

Country Blessings.......

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