Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Birthday Day

January 24 is a special day in our family....Today would have been my Dad's 85th birthday.  He was born right here in the house he grew up in, I grew up in and we currently live in!  Very special memories. It is hard for me to imagine my Grandma having a baby right here...not something you think about usually I guess.  My Daddy was a very special guy, I suppose everyone thinks that of their own Dad, but mine really was a wonderful man!  He taught me to love the outdoors, the land and animals... especially horses!

On January 23.....33 years ago, I went into labor with my second son. It was a very icy, winter night!  After making it safely to the hospital,  a beautiful baby boy came into the world.  Rlyn was born at 12:25 just barely making it into January 24 so that he shared his birthday with his Grandpa! 

Over the years they shared many birthday parties and memories.

10 years ago today was the last one.  Daddy passed away a few months after his 75th birthday.  He was in the nursing home at the time, but we had a little party with him.

A few tears tonight as I remember the special day......

Country Blessings......

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