Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Great Day

but a busy one!  We had women's breakfast at church this morning, we meet once a month for fellowship and food!!

Then home to get ready for company. Jim's son from Wyoming came for a visit!!  We had not seen him for about 15 years....  We got to meet his wife, DIL and granddaughter.
Jarrod and Pam

Mary Ann

Yuki and Uncle Jimmy

Son Jimmy and his family came along too.
Also got a little more acquainted with Spencer, our granddaughter's finance.

Thank you all for coming to visit, we loved some special family time!

Later this afternoon, we sold the last 2 pups we had.  A man came for one and ended up buying both of them....will miss the little guys...well, they aren't so little!  Great Pyr/Anatolian Shepherd cross, working farm dogs.  These guys will be guarding 100 sheep, they have a big job to do.

Next, we went back to the church to make chili.  We are having a chili dinner following church tomorrow.

Then home again to do chores, finishing in the dark.

It has been a long, wonderful day on and around the homestead!

Country Blessings.......

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