Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter is finally here

Wind chill tomorrow not to get above 0.....that is what I just heard the weather man say!  Yikes!  I am not ready for that.  We have had snow most of the day, and I would guess 8 inches or so accumulated.  The wind is to really blow tomorrow and this light powdery stuff is going to blow all over.  Most schools closed today and more tomorrow already. 

I hope the furry and feathered friends are as comfortable as possible.  Today wasn't bad, but I worry about them when the wind blows so hard.  They all have a shelter of some kind and plenty of hay, that is about all I can do.  Most have heated water, that is a huge help to me and them!

I got busy this morning and washed the curtains in the living room and bedroom. Did not get all the windows washed outside this fall as planned, so the curtains didn't get washed either.  Now at least they are clean on the inside.....    Also started going through the bedroom closet.  Had to stop for lunch and then hubby took me into town to work at the church for a couple of hours.  I am a big chicken about driving if the roads might be he offered to go in with me, thank you!  Had to do chores when we got home, so the closet project will be finished tomorrow. 

On Saturday morning we went to the winter farmer's market.  This is the first year a winter market has been held, and it is going very well.  We do not have any produce, but several in the area have high tunnels and are bringing some fresh things.  We had eggs, meats, jams and some dehydrated things.   Getting some ideas for things to make for future markets, during the winter it is only once a month.

Country Blessings........

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  1. Hi Marilyn, I'm curious about the high tunnel produce. What are they growing at this time of the year in the high tunnels?