Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rainy Sunday....

Wow, rain it has!  It has been very foggy all day long and then this afternoon it cut loose!  The rain gauge is put away for the winter, so no idea how much it rained, but the entire yard was flooded.  I don't remember ever seeing that much water around the barnyard.  Others in the area got some hail too, but we didn't or not much. Snow, fog, rain, thunder just never know.

Yesterday was an alternative livestock auction that we like to attend.  They have one in February, May and October each year.  Our little Maddy (3 year old granddaughter) came Friday so she could go with us.  We had a rabbit, just a rabbit and not a tame one, that I gave away last fall.  One less thing to take care of over the winter....someone was here getting some chickens and wanted a rabbit and the feed sack was nearly empty...worked out well at the time.  So we promised Maddy that in the spring we would get another bunny.  She was invited to go with us to the auction so she cold pick out her new bunny, pretty exciting at age 3!!!   I clearly remember being 3 years old and going to pick up my new Shetland pony, picking a name on the way home, I considered Purple, later decided on Shorty!   Anyway, she picked a cute little black and white bunny and on the way home named him Sugar Plum!  We did not take any cages so could not buy anything else to bring home....that is the only safe way for us to attend an animal auction!!  We were able to get a pony saddle and bridle for the pony we have, have been looking for a while for that.

It was such fun to see the joy when we got home and got the bunny out to play with.  Maddy is very happy with her new pet, and that makes Grandpa and Grandma very happy too!!

Friday evening we enjoyed attending a birthday party for Jim's oldest son, Jimmy.  Pizza and chocolate cake....what more could anyone want?  Now keeping in mind that this is my step-son....I am only 13 years older than he.....seems kind of weird when you think about it!  He is a very special guy and has a beautiful family, including a grandson.

Speaking of my ex-Father in Law is celebrating his 90th birthday!  A wonderful man that I still love like my own. Hope he has had a great day, he deserves it.

Country Blessings......

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